Whether your goal is to update the style of your home with a new roof or you simply need to repair or replace an aged or damaged roof, United Contractors has the fully warrantied solution of choice – at a price you can live with.

United contractors texas is responsible for making sure your roof is in a good enough condition so that it will perform at its maximum. If your roof is in poor condition, then the roof will require repair and replacement.

When the Roof is in Poor Condition, the first task of United Contractors Texas is to inspect and ensure that there are no leaks, and the roof is in good condition. This involves measuring the area of the roof for the leaks, and determining the type of roofing system being used (slab, shingled, or slate roof). We will then install and repair any roofing systems that need to be installed and may also need to adjust or remove a shingle or other roofing material to make a roof more efficient and able to withstand more rain or wind.